Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It has been a very very busy 2 week long vacation from my online life preparing for our wedding. Finally, my Only One is home and so the real boxing match has begun. Actually, I'm referring to the wedding preps. A lot of significant updates happened during my 2-week online break. We have undergone all of the seminars required both by the government and the church. Yey! Here's a layout of our invitation, again I would like to thank Donna of Printed Matter for this :
For the invited personalities that can't confirm thru our mobile phones; you can use my site to communicate with us. Just leave your message by sending your comments.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

An easy choice

This day, I was given a path of 2 options. The first one leads to our wedding preparation development in the form of our wedding invitations and the other one leads to a serious family matter that involves my aunt's wake. Well, its a tough choice since I've already made arrangements and an appointment today with Printed Matter but I thought that its more important to go with the latter even though I wasn't able to bring extra clothes and with a plan of going back home to take a full rest and just head back to Batangas the following day.. It was indeed a wise decision as the day unfolds because I was still able to accomplish another wedding task today. I was able to talk to my cousin about the measurements needed for the barong of my two junior groom's men, Allen and Ira. This was the first time for me to commute to Tanauan, Batangas alone (well not exactly alone because I have my cousin, Mel, with me). The fare was surprisingly cheaper than we expected. All in all, it was a tiring but fruitful day because I was still able to do something to improve the overall progress of our wedding preparation even with a little percentage of improvement. I haven't gotten any sleep yet, I feel the need to rest because tomorrow will be another tiring day. We'll be heading back to Batangas and this time we'll be staying there overnight. I decided to just work on our invites this coming Monday, so see you Printed Matter people on Monday.
I'm very glad and felt blessed that my Aunt had a peaceful death. No pain felt and no prolonged agony via a dragging disease or sickness. She just died while she's on her sleep. I'll still continue to pray for your soul auntie Henya.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Missing you and will surely be missing her

With just technically 50 days before the big event and just around 10 days before my Winnie heads back home. I just can't help myself from taking a step back and see what still needs to be polished in the wedding preparation. This week I'm all set to visit Printed Matter in San Juan to discuss the layout and design of our wedding invitation so it can be ready for printing hopefully the following week. Just in time for my Winnie's return!!! I wonder which of the 2 images shown here will be the best image to appear in our invitation. Our motif is somewhere between the color Teal and Aquamarine, so its pretty confusing specially when our primary sponsors are asking for the exact name of our desired motif.

I can't hide my excitement, I feel like I want to give myself a holiday or an off from this wedding preparation for maybe the next 7 days. The feeling of seeing your most loved again after 6 long months is totally unexplainable for me. Maybe because this is the first time that we've been physically out of reach for such a very very very very long time. Even the 1st day of not seeing her and knowing that she's in a plane heading to a far far away land makes it appear as if it was a light year. And now we're just down to 9 days. Can't wait and maybe this is one reason why I'm still awake when I should be already sleeping for my shift later tonight.

Well, probably I'll just force myself to have at least a little amount of sleep so I can have enough strength to go to work later. I'm off to another busy weekend of preparing our dream wedding. This Sunday I'm scheduled to accompany my friend couturier to our family gathering at our Family HQ in Cubao (my birthplace) to take all the measurements for my cousin and my niece. This photo shows me and my niece. Cute noh!!!

Let me just offer a prayer for my Aunt who just died today. May her soul rest in peace and all her sins be forgiven to lighten up her burden. Love you Auntie Henya.

Eternal Rest

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Friday Prayer for the Faithful Departed

O Lord God omnipotent, I beseech Thee by the Precious Blood which Jesus Thy divine Son did shed this day upon the tree of the Cross, especially from His sacred Hands and Feet, deliver the souls in purgatory, and particularly that soul for whom I am most bound to pray, in order that I may not be the cause which hinders Thee from admitting it quickly to the possession of Thy glory where it may praise Thee and bless Thee for evermore. Amen.

reference : http://catholicism.about.com/od/prayersforthedead/Prayers_for_the_Faithful_Departed.htm

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm back! To continue what I started....
Since our wedding ring is fully paid as of the previous month, I was curious as to when will be my last payment for our caterer. And as I went through the Post Dated Checks issued to Tamayo's, it came to my surprise that our last payment was also scheduled on the 17th of the previous month!!!
We're only down to one final balance payment to completely settle everything. *Whew* That was one big monkey off my back. (LOL) We are officially free from our lay away payable. I feel so free right now but this opens up more chances for me to stock up more on our future plans (our own house, possible temporary place to move in after the wedding, Honeymoon, and emergency cash during the wedding event itself). *with this in mind I immediately thought of celebrating and buying my 'wants'(DSLR, PSP, PS3, kick ass PC, new car audio setup, new look for my car, you know the likes that requires a very large sum of money). But then again, I need to hold these off this year and have to prioritize things first. I guess, thriftiness got the best of me this time or may be the fear of getting short of money come the wedding day. So I'm deferring my wants list. It's good though, because these makes someone get through our everyday stressful working life. Maybe the eraserheads reunion concert CD will be a good reward for myself for now. Ü*

I do hope I have accomplished all essential preparations for our wedding. What's next on our task list? We have to attend all the required seminars by the church and the government. These seminars are prerequisites for us to secure our marriage License. To explain further, this marriage License requires 2 legal documents from NSO (National Statistics Office). The documents are :
(1) Birth Certificate (marked with "for marriage purpose") - secure 2 copies
(2) CENOMAR - Certificate of No Marriage - secure 2 copies

I suggest that these documents be secured first. These documents I've mentioned are all required for the Marriage License. Basically our government just needs these documents combined with their family planning seminar then we can get hold of our very own marriage certificate. On me and my Winnie's part, we can only work on these tasks by the time she arrives home. (Can't wait for that day to come).

While I was securing the required documents from NSO, I was also working on securing all the required church documents. The church documents are listed below:
(1) Baptismal certificate
(2) Birth Certificate
A combo of these required documents are, I believe, 2 seminars. (I haven't been in any because I still have yet to await the return of my Winnie)
The church will also ask for our Marriage License (secured from our municipality or city hall, can be either the bride's or the groom's place)

The church I'm referring to here is the church you both chose to exchange vows. In our case, Barasoain Church. Once all these documents are secured, the church will give us our wedding banns. This banns will be posted in the respective churches of the bride and the groom.
Take note that the wedding banns needs to be posted on our own respective church bulletin boards and will be announced by the parish priest for the period of 3 weeks. This is something that we cannot cram, so be aware of the time element of this task.

helpful links:

-> this shows a short description of the legality of securing a Marriage License in the Philippines and more

-> this is the site of NSO/Census where we can request our Birth Certificate and CENOMAR online. this is a cool solution of our government to beat the queue of people in their office, the unbearable heat, the super friendly clerks in their offices and the possibility of getting MOed by a bad element out to scam you if you're not alert enough. (MO - Modus Operandi)

Friday, October 31, 2008

After 10 years

"After 10 years...."
I always hear this expression from my fiancee. Specially when we have a date and I showed up a bit late or when she's asking me to do something urgent but is only done after a few hours. On a more serious note, this is literally the amount of time we spent in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage of our relationship. We turned 10 on the 16th day of the previous month. I'm so proud of this accomplishment because, little did I knew someone that have achieved this feat and I have high hopes that we can accomplish the same feat even after we exchange vows this coming December.
I'm going to try and document all of our wedding preparations and I'm hoping we could somehow help other couples who are planning to tie the knot even without the help of a wedding planner in the nearest future. Just make sure that the two of you will work on this big, big, big project that involves the two of you for life. I decided not to mention any monetary values since its already irrelevant by now because of the price adjustments that took place within the year.
Now, we are working on a tight budget because we both have financial commitments to be attended to at the same time during the wedding preparation stage (read: loans, monthly bills, car maintenance bills, family responsibilities). With this factor at hand we decided to start our preparation early. And I mean almost 24 months worth of preparation (I proposed to her on the 31st of December 2006; image on the right side). Yes, that early so we could make all the necessary financial adjustments to make way for the incoming wedding financial responsibilities.

The first task we made was to book our wedding date on the church we would like to get married. We took this suggestion from our then newly wed good friends Hazel and Raymond. (the photo shown below; sweet sweet couple!)So, we decided to book with Barasoain Church (the same place where I popped the life-changing question to my Fiancee). Indeed we are too early to book with them because they haven't prepared a calendar yet for the year 2008 when we inquired (LOL). We are the first couple to reserve a wedding for 2008 in Barasoain. We're both surprised with this because we were expecting it to be fully booked during that time just like with some equally famous churches around (Caleruega, San Agustin, Manila Cathedral, etc.).
We booked our church on February of 2007.
As early as this time, we are already working partially on :
- guest list
- primary sponsors
- secondary sponsors
- the rest of the entourage personalities
The whole year of 2007 was spent searching and scouting for the best, cheapest and most quality wedding suppliers in town that we can tap for our biggest day. We went to wedding fairs, asked married friends for more tips.
This is the year where we found the maker of our wedding ring at a wedding fair in Rockwell. We met Mishel, the owner of NX Manila Weddings. Thanks to her considerate, kind and helpful heart we got our wedding ring in via light payment scheme. The so-called "lay away" plan that you'll find in one of the spider man movies. We paid 18 equal monthly installments until the month of October this year and the photo below shows the wedding ring that I just claimed on
the 19th of the previous month.

Another task we accomplished last year was our photo/video coverage. We booked Ariel Javelosa for our wedding simply because we've seen them work before in my cousin's wedding at Caleruega. Winnie and I were both impressed with the way they work and their connection with the guests during the event. The photographers are courteous, humorous but still maintained their professional image, and this is the main reason why we picked them given that they take excellent photos.

What gave us a hard time during this year (2007) was choosing our official caterer and the venue to hold the event's reception. We both planned on choosing Tamayo's as early as the time when we booked with Barasoain but we had 2nd, 3rd, 4th thoughts and sought for a more cheaper offer. While we were deciding, we still continued our correspondence with Anthony Calayag of Tamayo's Malolos so we could observe a few wedding receptions hosted by them and held in the same venue we planned to have our own reception. And this helped us to complete our decision to go with Tamayo's early this year, sometime in January or February. The sad part with this decision was that we weren't able to book the old price that they offered to us back in 2007, so we have to book with them the latest price range which is relatively higher compared to their previous price list. Good thing we were offered a nice deal by Anthony for this package to be affordable for common and simple couples. We had another "lay away" type of deal with Tamayo's but this time it was a pretty tough task to accomplish but like any other installment plans we have come to the point of giving the final 2 payments and we will be free from this financial commitment with Tamayo's so far for the first 150 guests. *this number of guests never stops to grow and sometimes lessen as you go along the preparation stage*
Next major supplier needed for a wedding will be the gowns (bride's and the ladies' who are part of the entourage) and barong (groom's and the male entourage). Now, this one will be taken cared of by our friend / choir mate that specializes in making gowns. The only hiccup we experienced with this is the time to allot for us to be able to get the measurements of our female entourage personalities' gowns. Winnie even had her measurements taken as early as the month of April (this was a few weeks before she left for a work abroad to help her family) :(
Our cake will be made by Bam Narvaez of Cakeworks. Our invitations will be printed and designed by Printed Matter. I still have yet to find time to provide them the complete list of our entourage so it can be ready for printing.
*By the way, with all these preparations, don't forget to let your primary sponsors (ninong & ninang) know that they are chosen to be one. Probably 5 or 6 months before the wedding date is the best time to let them know so they can make the necessary adjustments at an earlier time.*
Everything that I've mentioned are just preparations for the wedding event alone. Be aware that the event that we are about to get in to have a legal (the boring part) stage and I'd rather talk about this at a later time. This would be all for now. I'll be back with more.